Sand Dryer

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Sand dryer (also called river sand dryer,silica sand dryer) is a kind of drying equipment that drying river sand, yellow sand, quartz sand, sea sand, molding sand, foundry sand and other materials with good fluidity.


Why choose Mingzheng sand dryer:

1. The environmental protection design of the whole machine adopts two dusts removal equipment, cyclone dust removal and water dust removal. The resulting exhaust gas is water vapor, and the exhaust gas meets the standard.

2. The main machine dryer is made of special steel plate, which has high temperature resistance, wear resistance and longevity.

3, Good sealing effect, three-tube mosaic structure, make full use of thermal energy.

4. The initial water content of the material is below 15%, and the final moisture content is guaranteed to be 0.5 to 1%. It is the preferred product for various drying projects such as cement plants and dry mortar production lines.

5. The installation method is designed according to the terrain: "1", "Z", "U", "T" and so on.

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7, With a small amount of manual operation, 1-2 people can complete the whole production line operation..

8, The discharge temperature is less than 60 degrees, not hot, exhaust gas steam temperature is less than 80 degrees.

9.The machine is suitable for industrial high temperature resistant materials with good granular flow properties between 8cm and 200mu, such as river sand, river sand, sea sand, quartz sand, and other materials.



We have a unique after-sales service, drying machine 1 year warranty, motor, reducer lifelong sale, we can also send technical personnel to your country to guide the installation. Such as South Korea, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Kazakhstan and other places.

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