River Sand Dryer

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     The river sand dryer adopts the advanced technology introduced from Europe, the dryer is inlaid by three drums of diffierent diameters. It's mainly used to dry river sand, yellow sand, sea sand, quartz sand, silica sand, molding sand, foundry sand and other materials with good fluidity, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, foundry and other industries.



1.The investment of river sand dryer is 1/6 of the impoted products from foreign countries. It's made of manganese plate, which is 3-4 times more resistant than ordinary steel plate.

2.The initial moisture content of the material is 15%, and the final moisture content is less than 0.5%. It's the preferred product of the cement plant, slag powder and dry mortar production line.

3.The thermal efficiency of the river snad dryer is as high as 80% (the thermal efficiency of the traditional single drum dryer is only 35%) and the thermal efficiency is increased by 45%.

4.Fuel can be adapted to natural gas, liquefied gas, diesel oil, methanol, biomass particles etc. Because of environment protection, there're fewer costomers for coal. The dryer can dry 8cm to 200 mesh materials.

5.The river sand dryer will reduce the floor area by about 40% compared with the single-drum dryer, and the civil construction investment will be reduced by about 50%.

6.No leakage phenomenon, completely solve the difficulties of sealing, within a few days (3-4 days) can be installed.


7.The temperature of the outer cylinder of the environmnetal protection sand dryer is only 60 degrees, the dust removal system are cyclone and water dust removal, they can reduce the dust, then the steam comes out.

8.The river sand dryer has low energy and environmental protection and meets the national environmental protection standards.

     Depending on the sand dryer production,my company's sand dryer is divided into different types.

     The whole set of river sand dryer contains by wet bin, feeder, belt conveyor, the hot blast stove, dryers, dust removal system, vibrating screen, electric cabinet, etc.


     The river sand dryer with compact structure, covers an area of less, is the same type of single drum dryer covers half the area, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, material drying effect is good, easy to realize automation control, less operators.



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