Dry powder mortar dryer

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     Dry powder mortar dryer,also known as river sand dryer,can be used together with the dry powder mortar mixing station,whith is a drying equipment for thermal mortar.

     Insulation mortar dryer is a special dryer for dry powder mortar manufacturing industry. Three-tube mosaic structure, inner cylinder, middle cylinder and outer cylinder form a thermal insulation structure, environmental protection and energy saving, in line with the internationally established environment-friendly, resource-saving society The policy is to replace the traditional drying equipment, environmental protection and energy-saving products. 


     Dry powder mortar dryer is used to dry yellow sand, river sand, quartz sand, sea sand, river sand, sea sand, silica sand ,moulding sand ,foundry sand  and other raw materials, widely used in building materials, chemical industry, foundry and other industries.

     The thermal mortar dryer is divided into different types and dry powder mortar mixing station supporting the use.

Models availadle:3t/h,5t/h,10t/h,15t/h,20t/h,30t/h。support customization


Usual heat source:

   There are naturel gas,coal,liquefied gas,siesel oil 、bio-particles and coal。

Ming Zheng mechanical insulation mortar dryer advantages:

1. Investment in drying equipment. Our company's insulation mortar dryer is the most preferential price, which is 20% of foreign imports, and the highest price.

2. Our company's thermal mortar drying machine has high wear resistance and is made of wear-resistant manganese steel plate, which is 3-4 times more resistant than ordinary steel plate.

3, more than 40% higher thermal efficiency than traditional single drum dryers.

4. Fuels may use anthracite, diesel, natural gas, liquefied gas, diesel, biomass particles, etc. It can dry 100mm-300 mesh granular and powdery materials.


5, less than a single drum dryer covers an area of about 60%. The investment in construction is reduced by about 60% and it is easy to install.

6, no leakage, completely solve the difficulties of sealing.

7, the discharge temperature is less than 60 degrees, can be directly into the database, without cooling the cooling shed.

8, the outer cylinder temperature is less than 60 degrees, the exhaust temperature is less than 120 degrees, the bag dust removal equipment used more than 2 times longer.


9, Coal consumption is 1/3 of the single drum dryer, and 40% tons of standard coal consumption is 8kg.

10, 15% of the initial moisture content, the final moisture to ensure that the following 0.5%, is the cement plant slag powder, dry mortar production line and other products preferred dryer.


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