The special sand dryer

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The three-cylinder special sand dryer is mainly used for drying special sand, such as zircon sand, chromite ore sand, ceramsite sand, magnetite ore sand, natural silica sand, stone powder, fly ash, iron powder, quartz sand and other materials with good fluidity.

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Special sand dryer features:

1. High technical content, the cylinder self-insulation, thermal efficiency up to 80% (single cylinder dryer thermal efficiency is 35%), compared with 68% of the cylinder dryer, the output is increased by 100%.

2. The three-pass dryer is 60% shorter than the single-cylinder dryer, which is beneficial to the process layout, reducing the building area of the plant and saving about 40% of the project investment.


3. It adopts heat-resistant and wear-resistant alloy steel plate, which is 4 times more wear-resistant than ordinary steel plate, with long service life and convenient maintenance.

4. The thermal efficiency is high, the temperature of the outer cylinder is lower than 60 °C.

5. The low outlet temperature is conducive to the long use time of the dust removal equipment. We have equipped with a cyclone dust collector and water dust removal process to ensure no pollution.

6. Land investment is reduced by about 50% and power consumption is reduced by 60%.

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7. No need to rotate the large and small gears, use the tug to roll.

8. Configurable hot blast stove, burner, heat source can be coal, natural gas, liquefied gas, methanol, biomass pellets and other fuels.

Technical Parameters:

If you want to better understand our three cylinder sand dryer, welcome to visit our factory. We will pick you up at Xinzheng International Airport. Xingyang is close to the Yellow River (China's mother river). Many customers around the Yellow River are using our dryer. We can take you to the site to visit and learn their work so that you can better understand our machines.

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We have a unique after-sales service, drying machine 1 year warranty, motor, reducer lifelong sale, we can also send technical personnel to your country to guide the installation. Such as South Korea, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Kazakhstan and other places.


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