Three Drum Rotary Dryer

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Three drum rotary dryer is a three-pass dryer, which is an upgraded version of single-cylinder dryer. It can dry high temperature and good fluidity materials, such as quartz sand, river sand, sea sand, foundry sand, special sand, etc. The three drum rotary dryer self-forming insulation system allows the quartz sand to be dried by triple drying.


The heat sources is naturel gas, coal, liquefied gas, diesel oil and bio-particles. Because of environment protection, there're fewer costomers for coal.


     According to the sand output ,the three drum rotary dryer is divided into 6 types:


Working Principle:

     The wet sand gets through the wet sand bunker to feeding machine,then the sand is sent to the hot blast stove by a belt conveyor,and through the quicksand pipe into the inner cylinder of the dryer.The sand is pushed forward by raising plate from inner cylinder to the middle cylinder to the outside cylinder.This process of"two in,one out"is completed in the dryer,which can form a heat preservation system.

     In order to reduce air pollution,we are equipped with a cyclone dust collector and water dust removal.At the same time,the dry sand enter the vibrating screen for screening,and then send finished product sand to the finished product warehouse by a belt conveyor.

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