Stainless Steel Dryer

Hits:Published in:2019-05-24

Stainless steel dryer, adopts 304 stainless steel, is a professional drying equipment that drying quartz sand. The stainless steel dryer can dry high quality quartz sand, guarantee the purity of quartz sand, less impurities, is popular in places such as Guangdong and Guangxi customers.


     According to the size of sand output,the stainless steel dryers are divided into 6 types:



1.Litter occupation area.

2.Retention time can be adjusted,low energy consumption.

3.Finished production moisture can be adjusted depends on requirement of client.

4.Construction investment reduces 50%,power consumption reduces 60%.

5.Low outlet temperature.

If you want to better understand our stainless steel dryer, welcome to visit our factory. We will pick you up at Xinzheng International Airport. Xingyang is close to the Yellow River (China's mother river). Many customers around the Yellow River are using our dryer. We can take you to the site to visit and learn their work so that you can better understand our machines.

We have a unique after-sales service, drying machine 3 year warranty, motor, reducer lifelong sale, we can also send technical personnel to your country to guide the installation. Such as South Korea, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Mongolia, India, Kazakhstan and other places.


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