Quartz Sand Dryer

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The quartz sand dryer is mainly used for drying humidity and granular material, widely used in quartz sand, yellow sand, river sand, sea sand, molding sand, foundry sand and other sands. Quartz sand dryer has large output, low energy consumption, low maintenance and so on merit.


Technical Parameters:


These heat sources are common used by costomers. There are naturel gas, coal, liquefied gas, diesel oil and bio-particles. Because of environment protection, there're fewer costomers for coal.

The quartz sand that drying from our quartz sand dryer, it's purity is guaranteed. You can see the effect:


     Notices: Because of the different requirements for the purity and whiteness of quartz sand, our factory can customize the 304 stainless steel dryer according to the user's needs. The stainless steel dryer has the advantages of non-pollution materials, friction resistance and other inherent advantages. And the heat source generally uses natural gas, liquefied gas, methanol and other heat sources that will not affect the whiteness of the quartz sand.


Our factory quartz sand dryer details introduction:

1. The quartz sand dryer manufactured by our factory has strong anti-overload capacity, large amount of processing, low fuel consumption and low drying cost;

2. The quartz sand dryer adopts the co-current drying method. The flue gas and the wet material enter the dryer from the same side. The high-temperature flue gas can be used to obtain high evaporation intensity, the dryer outlet temperature is low, and the thermal efficiency is high;

3.Quartz sand dryer is a three-pass dryer, self-contained insulation system, so that the quartz sand is triple-dried and fully dried.


4. Our factory adopts the latest type of feeding and discharging device to eliminate the feeding blockage, discontinuity, non-uniformity and return of the drum dryer, and reduces the load of the dust removal system;

5, quartz sand dryer dryer achieves "zero horizontal thrust", greatly reducing the wear of the retaining wheel, the cylinder running smoothly and reliably;

6.Our factory adopts the “centering roller support device” so that the support of the roller and the roller will always be in linear contact, thus greatly reducing wear and power loss.



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