Natural gas river sand dryer

Hits:Published in:2018-09-25

     With the prection of environment,we began to pay attention to green environment in all aspects.Mingzheng machinery introduced natural gas river sand dryer.


Advantages of natural gas:

1.High calorific value, increase production of dry sand, reduce cost, one person can operate.

2.Green and environmental protection: natural gas is a kind of clean and environment-friendly high quality energy with little sulfur, dust and other harmful substances.

3.Natural gas is clean, can improve air quality.


4.It is safe and reliable: natural gas is non-toxic and easy to distribute,lighter than air, not to accumulate into explosive gas, which is a relatively safe gas.

     Natural gas river sand dryer can dry river sand ,yellow sand , sea sand ,foundry sand , moulding sand ,quartz sand(silica sand) and other sand.It is loved by many customers.

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