Problems needing attention in the process of using dry powder mortar equipment

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In the general building mortar industry, the frequency of the use of dry powder mortar equipment is very high, we are sure to be familiar with the size, size, factory, use, quality and technology of this kind of equipment are endless. But in the process of using the need to pay attention to the problem should not be overlooked, in order to avoid accident.

1 dry powder mortar equipment before we have to pay attention to: to open the observation port of each device, the discharge port, feed port, etc. to observe whether there are residues and debris. If you have to be strict with the removal of the work after the start, in the work process must be strictly prohibited hand and hard objects and debris into the equipment.

2 to extend the life of the equipment of the motor, then the equipment power supply must be grounded in the work. The device is turned on, the need for 5-10 minutes of engine idling engine, found no production using abnormal party.

3 in the process of production in order to ensure the safety of the use of personnel, then the control switch of each device must be carried out to prevent leakage treatment.

4 strictly prohibit the non professional personnel to detect and repair equipment, as well as the debugging work.

5 after starting the equipment, must pay attention to the operation of the equipment, whether or not in the same direction, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment.

6 after the equipment is put into operation, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance on the equipment, to improve the efficiency of the equipment and the service life of the equipment.

7 equipment installation must choose a place to facilitate ventilation, dry place, but also on the surrounding environment to maintain clean and hygienic.

8 regularly check the tightness of the transmission belt and the connecting parts of the screw, and make appropriate adjustments.

9 the whole set of equipment is a gap type mixing equipment, pay attention to the workload of a single time can not exceed the provisions of the equipment.

10 equipment strictly comply with the empty machine start.

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