The development of construction industry in the future

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Dry mortar for direct application in various construction projects, as a new type of building material, closely related to the development and construction, the future development goals and characteristics of construction industry, will directly affect the development of dry mortar.

The characteristics of the future development of construction industry are as follows:

1) the total building sustained growth; From the national level, China's urbanization rate to keep growth trend of nearly 1.5% a year, the new residential construction area of about 2 billion square meters, at the same time, the "twelfth five-year" period, our country will build 3600 affordable housing projects.

2) promotion of building energy conservation is imperative; In today's energy is more and more nervous, the proportion of building energy consumption accounts for the total energy consumption has risen from 27.6% to 27.6% above, promotion of energy-saving construction has become the focus of the next few years the construction industry development. Building energy conservation is to resolve the contradiction of the energy shortage and improvement of people's life working conditions, reduce environmental pollution and promote sustainable economic development, inexpensive measures. In particular, is to use more efficient building materials to achieve the purpose of reducing heat loss, energy saving. Special mortar, wall thermal insulation system of dry mortar has high bond strength, high flexibility, low water absorption rate and other characteristics, widely used in architectural heat preservation, the implementation of China's building energy conservation target, will be the rapid development of powerful driving insulation mortar market.

3) obviously improve the construction quality; With the improvement of people's living standard, high requirement for the quality of construction is becoming more and more. The application of dry mortar, can greatly improve the quality of engineering. Due to construction personnel technical proficiency and quality of cement, sand and other raw materials, construction site configuration of mortar, whether masonry sand pulp, mortar, or ground leveling mortar, often appear building plaster mortar cracking phenomenon, even traditional clay brick wall using cement mortar plaster also can appear large area crack), resulting in the engineering quality is not stable, strength can not meet the requirements, the situation of the poor quality, even has become a construction quality common fault. Countries, on the other hand, to reduce the use of clay brick, vigorously promote the new wall materials, due to the characteristics of the material makes the ordinary cement mortar has can't meet the needs of the building plaster. Dry mortar and the industrialized production, to strictly control the raw material and mixing ratio, optimizing raw material, accurate measurement, by mixing dry mortar production line equipment, can ensure the slurry is stable, reliable quality. Improvement of building quality requirements will guide the direction of traditional cement mortar to the ready-mixed mortar. Dry mortar is subject to the support of national policy, and gradually become the darling of the market.

4) building structure remains strong demand for cement mortar; The construction technology, construction industrialization level, material quality, construction used to various factors, such as in multi-storey and high-rise buildings form which is in our country, the building structure with cast-in-place concrete, frame structure and masonry structure is given priority to. The characteristics of building structures in China, determines the wall roughness and wall masonry, plastering. The characteristics of this kind of building structure in a short period of time will not change easily. Therefore, in a long time in the future, still need a lot of ordinary plaster mortar and ordinary masonry mortar, thus for the application of dry mortar has provided a broad market space and development potential.

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