How to discern the stand or fall of sand quality

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Cement and sand as the cornerstone of renovation, its quality is directly related to decorate quality stands the test. Because the current selection bao qing decorate complementary makings is very common, cement, sand and other auxiliary materials provided by the decoration company, inspection material quality is also important. In addition, also can appear in purchase of cement, sand, how to choose and buy this kind of "base", appear particularly important.

Cement, sand and other auxiliary materials, although common, but not every building materials market sales, before buying such materials, if there is a cement, sand, you should telephone counseling market sale, avoid.


At present, some small building materials market has gradually become the distributing center of cement, sand and other accessories, but not the standard building materials market prone to offer situation to opaque, delivery but a sin. Therefore, building materials market to buy the material had better go to a professional brand to purchase.

Small make up for the street today, we introduce how to discern the stand or fall of sand quality

Need to allocate a certain amount of cement, sand into cement mortar can be used after. The sand quality is also very important, therefore, the sand can be divided into sand, fine sand, medium sand and coarse sand.

Generally speaking, the sand, the more coarse mixing the cement mortar strength is higher, but if the strength is too high, will also affect the engineering quality, with high strength cement mortar leveling the ground can appear crack, domestic outfit when sand in general use.


Fine sand, sand

Sand of choose and buy, especially need to alert the businessman in sand with sand, and as the sand of the sea to replace natural sand or river sand. The sand of the sea, while clean, high salinity, alkalinity, will cause a great impact on the quality of the project, so the state is strictly prohibited in the building decoration used in the sand of the sea. If you want to identify buy is as the sand of the sea, whether can see the sand contains tiny Marine biological shell, etc.

Is the same as that of the cement of choose and buy, if you have any samples of sand, can by hand grasp a handful of sand clenched hard, to become a mass of sand. Then the sand in his hand back into the bag, then leave the rest of the hard sand dump on their hands, if is still remain at the hands of the sand, the sand can be used, if residues is the soil, the sand is not used, high clay content will affect the caking property of cement, sand weakens its hardness.

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