What are the characteristics of the three-pass dryer?

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Common types of dryers can be divided into single cylinder dryer and three-pass dryer according to external forms. When the sand is dried, a three-pass sand dryer is often used. So, what are the characteristics of the three-pass dryer, why does sand drying use a three-return structure?

1. Compared with the single-cylinder dryer, the size of the sand dryer of the three-return structure is greatly reduced, which is one-third of the volume of the traditional dryer, and a large part of the site capital investment is reduced for the user friend.


2. At the same time, the three-pass sand dryer is embedded in three different cylinders according to certain design principles. According to the principle of thermal function, the cylinder body is equipped with different angles and spacings of the lifting plate and the guiding plate, so as to ensure that the sand moves forward along the direction of the spiral under the action of gravity, ensuring sufficient in the drying cylinder. The residence time, as well as the full dispersion, enhances the heat exchange effect between the sand and the high temperature airflow, eliminating the wind tunnel phenomenon that often occurs in conventional dryers.

3. The sand dryer adopts a special three-return structure, so that the inner cylinder and the middle cylinder are surrounded by the outer cylinder to form a self-insulation system. The heat radiated from the inner and middle cylinders participates in the heat exchange of the materials in the outer layer of the cylinder, and the outer cylinder is at the low temperature end of the hot gas flow, so the heat dissipation area and heat energy loss of the cylinder are significantly reduced.


4. In the drying operation, the three-return sand dryer can fully utilize the waste heat, reduce the heat loss, increase the heat exchange area, and greatly increase the evaporation capacity per unit volume of the dryer, thereby effectively improving the heat energy utilization rate and reducing the energy consumption. To ensure that the thermal efficiency of the sand dryer is greatly improved. At the same time, it further reduces heat loss and environmental pollution, and achieves the functions of energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection.


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