Sand Dryer's Working Principle

Hits:Published in:2018-03-30

In the market, the main sand drying machine are rotary sand dryer. Mingzheng Machinery rotary sand dryer was developed from rotary drum dryer, and sand dryer have three drums,it can dry all kinds of sand such as quartz sand, river sand,yellow sand etc in large quantity.

Sand Dryer Machine Working Principle:

Firstly, use one belt conveyor to send the wet sand into the drums of rotary sand dryer.

On the inner wall of the three drums, there are many lifting blades which is welded according to one special methods.  When the Rotary Sand Dryer is rotating, these lifting blades make the sand up and down to mix with the hot air completely. During this process, the moisture is evaporated.

On the another side of the Rotary sand dryer, there is one high pressure draught fan which sucks out the steam, and then the steam goes into the cyclone dust separator.

In the cyclone dust separator, the dust inside the steam falls down and goes out through the discharging hole of the cyclone dust separator. The steam goes into atmosphere directly through the chimney which is connected to the cyclone dust separator.

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