The reason of influencing the drying time of three return river sand drying mach

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General three cylinder sand dryer drying time is the drying rate determined corresponding determination of drying time is the drying process is one of important technical parameters and then following Xingyang Mingzheng machinery brought you a detailed understanding of the factors that will impact of river sand drying machine material drying time.

1, material properties

Each user must understand the mechanism, physical and chemical composition of dry materials, and the combination of moisture in the material and so on.

2, material form

The volume of the material, drying thickness. When the other conditions are the same, directly drying speed is can and the material drying surface and volume ratio is proportional to, usually stay dry material surface is, it will accelerate the drying speed, eventually drying the effect will be more significant.

3, material moisture

This one mainly refers to the change of moisture content of the material from the initial moisture to the dry, and the drying rate is closely related with the process of the change of moisture.

4, air factors

Air temperature is high, the speed will be accelerated, and the relative humidity is low, so dry faster, but these are all is to learn to return sand drying machine used the drying medium temperature. This is subject to limit the nature of the material, so try to avoid physical changes caused by dry material.

5, the symmetry of the material

If part of the material has not yet reached the required water line light, then all the materials are required to stay within the machine, so that it will lengthen the drying time, causing dry conditions.

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