The future of dry mortar production line selection and configuration problems

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With the development of society, new dry mixed mortar production line also more and more diverse, in the future in this production line equipment configuration will be more high-grade, the following is our imagination of new type dry mixed mortar production line configuration and selection.

Requirements for design and configuration of dry mixed mortar production line

1, high efficient feeding system

Ordinary portland cement, fly ash and other raw materials are generally provided by large and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, and basically equipped with bulk transport vehicles to achieve bulk feed and feed. But the dry mixed mortar often use some of the raw materials such as high alumina cement, sulphoaluminate cement, gypsum, white cement, coarse whiting powder, lime, quartz powder, finished quartz sand, powder additives, pigment, fiber, lightweight aggregate basic tons of bags, 50 kg, 25 kg of packaging forms to send material to mortar plant, handling, storage, handling, loading to silo become must be time-consuming manual work, have reasonable and efficient feeding system is modern dry mixed mortar production line, the process design is an important part.

2, the measurement system of the full automation

Dry mixed mortar sand generally refers to aggregate between 0.1mm-4.75mm, some special products such as thick layer of liquid floor mortar can be used to 8mm aggregate. River sand and quartz sand below 2.4mm generally have good fluidity, and the sand flow property of 2.4mm is worse than that of sand. Limestone mechanism sand can be called powder and sand mixture, usually consisting of limestone and sand containing around 0.075mm about 5-15% of the powder. The mechanism of sand powder due to the existence of liquidity and the heterogeneity of complicated mixtures.

For sand, powder, the production line measurement system is generally used in the measurement of the design and manufacture of spiral, can meet the accuracy requirements of the automatic measurement range of 300g to 6000kg. And the automatic measurement of the powder material with a special measuring principle can be used to deal with the automatic measurement of 2g-25kg, the automatic measurement of pigment, and the poor fluidity of the powder materials. The automatic measurement requires special technology and equipment, which can automatically finish the automatic measurement of powder. At this point, dry mixed mortar raw materials can realize the full automation of measurement and batching, making the production line automation level to a new height.

3, automatic packing and palletizing

For the special mortar enterprises to 20-50kg bagged products, artificial pocket, artificial sealing and printing, manual palletizing and sealing plastic is 99% of the enterprises in the current production situation. In fact, because of the increasing labor costs rise and the management difficulty, for an hour capacity in terms of 10 tons and above the production line, equipped with automatic packing and palletizing system has become a must.

Two, the concept of cleanliness and the requirements of the production line equipment

The main control items of the cleaner production include the air pollution, noise, workplace environment, safety production and other aspects of the production line. On dust control of specific data index and related standards are as follows: the atmospheric pollutants in the equipment is mainly dust emissions, dust collector dust emission concentration is less than or equal to 20mg/m no, no organization discharge is less than or equal to 0.5mg/m University, meet gb16297 "air pollutant comprehensive discharge standard" three requirements, unorganized emissions are not only associated with the device, site management is more important. Specifically, the modern dry mixed mortar production line of clean production should be considered as follows:

1, the main points and dust removal methods

Dry mixed mortar production line of dust emission points are mainly silo, screening system, bulk and packing system, due to the different dust composition of the dust emission points, using point to point dedusting method and the pulse type dust collector automatically cleaning should be, and convenient dust with discharge and recycling.

2, dust recycling and utilization

The design of the modern dry mixed production line must be considered in the drying and screening system of the dust, the dust collection of the finished product in bulk, and the dust collection of the packing system. If recycling is considered, the quality and quality of the produced mortar must be reduced to a minimum. Without affecting the product quality performance, the dust of the production line can be used reasonably and properly.

3, solid waste treatment and utilization

In the production line of dry mixed mortar, the solid waste is mainly refers to the specification of the sand and the finished product which is produced by some reason. Super specifications of sand can be by increasing the crushing, sand making and milling process to achieve recycling, and waste products can still use suitable for the conveying system as a bucket or pneumatic conveying, into the special storage silo, under the precondition of satisfying the formula into the production system using the add.

4, packaging system floor ash, floor material collection and processing

Packaging system is the key area for the production of dry mixed production line. The use of materials and design, and reasonable packaging bags, reasonable design, configuration, good packaging, side pockets and palletizing system of ashes on the ground is little, but in actual production, equipment, production management, packaging bag selection due to reasons, landing ash might still be possible. Fall general by two ways: if of finished product material quality, influence, centralized recovery, uniform returned to packaging machine hopper of ash recycling and disposal, as finished materials directly to packing; if product varieties for landing ash add sensitive, can go to the storage and transportation and according to the formula needs to be returned to the production line to add just the right amount of use.

Three, the production of more varieties of mortar and production line configuration requirements

1, mortar categories and varieties of subdivision

Various construction conditions and requirements on mortar performance as a function of the diversity requirement, even mortar of the same type, also can produce varieties of subdivision for requirements of different customer groups, the construction conditions.

Sub varieties of mortar products actually reflect is constantly changing new building materials, construction technology and market of mortar products proposed requirements, simple "ordinary mortar," special mortar "distinction, the simple" plastering mortar, masonry mortar "concept, in fact, has been completely unable to meet the needs of the market itself, many mortar production enterprises also because only can provide to meet the construction side of the minimum requirements" ordinary mortar "and fall into the plight of business quality, and the price is low.

2. Production line design and configuration of multi variety functional mortar

The mortar product segments, as well as the market demand for new products change, make us in at the beginning of the production line design and planning must consider the subdivision mortar production can be realized, convenience, automation, cleaning of the many varieties of mortar production.

The process design of the production line is one concern. Process design refers to the overall structure of the production line, the characteristics of the structure of the tower is all raw material batching finished at the top of the mixer, and characteristics of the stage production line is all or part of the raw material batching on the ground or a mixing machine below, subject to secondary to ascend into the mixer. Standard tower structure, composite type tower structure is production of several varieties of mortar; secondly, raw material processing, material, storage, and of the product information transmission and storage and process design important content. Tower type and composite type tower structure storage and many kinds of raw materials, raw material batching without cross contamination, low energy consumption and high efficiency, sand processing, batching, mixing, finished the system design flexibility high therefore represent a large-scale dry mixed mortar production factory of the trend. Because of the cross contamination of raw materials, the production efficiency of the raw materials, the production line is not suitable for the production of many varieties of mortar.

Four, mortar on the production line requirements

Mechanical construction: mainly refers to the high strength of mortar products, such as high strength, continuous mixing, pumping or spraying performance. The screening system, mixing system, batching system of the production line are closely related to the performance of the mortar. Efficient continuous mixing machine for almost for all mortar products in addition to gypsum products, adding water, stirring; stability of automatic water continuous stirred is characterized, but the stirring technology need dry mixing material powder and additives were uniformly dispersed, uniform mixing of powder and sand very full, uniform water quantity and the uniform powder can form a constant of fresh mortar. In addition, such as plastering mortar, mortar veneer, insulation mortar system, self leveling and grouting material etc. products often need concrete pump construction machinery, in addition to the effect of powder materials and additives, sand gradation is reasonable continuous greatly affect pump mortar and construction, and this is good dry mixed mortar companies ignored, refuse, deny, or powerless, because the production line can not be sand grading and collocation. Even manual construction, if only sand size reach the prescription, and grading is not good, mortar construction is also more limited, unless the increase in the use of a variety of functional additives and other powder. However, this can increase the cost of material formulation.

Packing specifications and quality: the packing product line should be equipped with the sealing device of the packing bag and the surface cleaning device. Even a "normal" plastering mortar, specifications and means of packing weight design should also be to give users a convenient transportation and unpacking, to reduce the use of artificial and raise the working speed, 40-50 kg packaging weight often requires two operations at the same time, 20-25 kg of packaging general can be operated by one person, a smaller package because they increase the packaging cost and the price is slightly higher, but by reducing the use of artificial improves working efficiency is welcome; in addition packaging bag material also greatly affect operating speed and convenience, composite paper packaging bag not only seals well and break open bag is very convenient. The sealing and surface dust removal of the packing bag not only affects the cleaning of the production plant, but also affects the convenience and satisfaction of the use of the bag.

Five, conclusion

Dry mixed mortar products formula, function, cost, construction, competitive power and the production line process design and configuration are closely related, while the dry of mixed mortar production line automation, clean degree not only affects the efficiency and cost of production and operation, but also influences the dry mixed mortar as a basis for the evaluation of green building materials, affect the enterprise's market competitiveness and profitability.

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