How to buy the right sand dryer in winter?

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Many users have told us that when buying sand dryer equipment, they don't know how to buy them. They are afraid that the sand dryers they bought can't be used, and they worry that the output of the dryers will not be reached. So how to buy a right sand dryer becomes a problem in front of everyone, today we will explain how to buy sand dryer.

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1. The first step is to inspect the user of the sand dryer equipment. If you don't know much about the machinery, you can bring your friends around and talk about the masters who know more about the machine.

2. When investigating the purchase of sand dryer equipment, it is necessary to understand all the configuration lists on the upper side of the main unit and the auxiliary equipment. The internal structure and internal materials are made of materials. In addition, the motor and reducer of these equipments are also required. The size of the configured power and the manufacturer of the motor and reducer.

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3. The output of the sand dryer is directly related to the moisture content of the raw material, the size of the sand, the amount of mud, the yield, and the diameter and length of the drying equipment, such as water content of 8 to 10. A water, the particles are more than 1 mm, and the equipment of 10 per hour can easily reach 13 tons. If the water is too large, or if the particle size is too fine, then it will not work.

4. When inspecting the dryer equipment manufacturers, it is necessary to see if there is any place for excellence in the court. If their manufacturers do not have the technical advantages, then they should look at several more.


5. Finally, it is also crucial. Don't look at the size of the manufacturer. Don't be fooled by the surface phenomenon. In fact, it is necessary to see if they have used the equipment produced by their manufacturers in the local area. If they have it, they can Inquire about their after-sales service, product quality, and comprehensive consideration.

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