How to choose heat source for river sand dryer

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    With the strengthening of environmental protection, river sand dryer is a relatively common dryer equipment. What is the main source of heat used? In addition to the coal we use as fuel energy, is there any other energy that can be replaced? Or is it a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly heat source?


     The heat source fuel that can be used in the river sand dryer equipment is useful for biomass pellets, natural gas, liquefied gas, white coal, bituminous coal, coal gangue, oil, and the like. But at present, the economic cost-effective is actually biomass particles, where natural gas is inconvenient and the cost of electricity is too high. How can we be economical and energy efficient? It is recommended to use biomass pellets.


     The reasons are as follows: 

First, the equipment is more energy-efficient, biomass particles can increase the combustion value to 4500 degrees, saving about 40% compared with burning heavy oil, saving about 50% compared with burning diesel, and burning natural gas and liquefied petroleum. Compared with gas, the gas can be burned by about 60%, and the gas is fully burned in the furnace, which improves the thermal efficiency, fully burns the coal, and reduces energy consumption. Compared with direct coal combustion, it can reduce consumption by about 20%.

Second, the equipment is also relatively environmentally friendly. The dust and harmful gases of the gas are very low. It is even possible to dry the products whose self-cleanness is required for the materials to be dried. It will not cause pollution to the products and is better for environmental protection.


     It is sold all the world, and the price is not expensive. The general price is about 900 yuan in China, which not only greatly reduces the cost for customers, but also does not harm the river sand dryer, environmental protection and energy saving.


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