The features of sand dryer plant

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The inner wall of the sand dryer cylinder is provided with a copy board, and its function is to copy and sprinkle the material, so that the contact surface of the material and the air flow is increased to increase the drying rate and promote the advancement of the material. The heat carrier is generally classified into hot air, flue gas, and the like. After the heat carrier passes through the dryer, a cyclone is generally required to trap the material contained in the gas. If it is necessary to further reduce the dust content of the exhaust gas, it should be discharged after passing through a bag filter or a wet dust collector.

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Sand drying equipment process:

1, into the wet sand.

2. Wet sand enters the disc machine for uniform feeding.

3, into the belt conveyor, a large supply of wet sand, into the drying stage.

4. The wet sand enters the main machine of the dryer, and the main machine of the dryer is blown into the pure hot air by a special hot air stove for sand drying.

5, the dryer host technology is advanced, one cylinder feeding, two cylinders returning, three cylinders discharging, the core of technology.

6, even out of dry sand.

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The sand dryer main unit, three cylinders, and the ring are inlaid together. The wet sand enters the first cylinder from the feeding port for the first drying, and then is broken into the second drying cylinder to perform the second sand. Drying, and finally being plunged into the third cylinder for final drying, layer drying, drying the sand, you can control the water content of the sand according to the water content of your actual needs, to achieve self-control, Temperature regulation, energy saving, environmental protection, the biggest feature is to save coal, electricity, and high output.

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