What is the output of sand drying equipment

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The drying equipment of different lengths determines the drying efficiency. What is the effect of the length of the dryer on the drying efficiency? The role of the length of the dryer in the formal production is very large, so we should design after understanding the actual situation of the user. And it must be strictly enforced, not to save a dollar, causing unfavorable factors such as unqualified dryer equipment.

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When users purchase drying equipment, we will understand their actual conditions and requirements, so that dryers of different lengths can be designed to meet the requirements of users. However, due to limited production capacity, some manufacturers can not meet the length of drying equipment provided by users. Asked, but shoddy users. Therefore, we will introduce the determinants of the dryer length to help the user to distinguish.

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There are many places in the current dryer equipment are not very satisfied, especially the dryer equipment popular in the market is very large for many parts of the equipment, which is undoubtedly increased customer cost of use, We have been trying our best to change this phenomenon, and now we have made considerable breakthroughs in order to bring new dryer equipment to our customers in the shortest possible time.

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Generally viscous material, suitable for single-cylinder dryer, because viscous materials are not convenient for reciprocating circulation, such as: desulfurization gypsum, coal slurry and other wet materials. The three-pass dryer (generally referred to as the short three-cylinder dryer) is mainly for large, medium and small drying requirements of 3-30 tons/hour, and the long three-barrel dryer is generally for large drying of more than 30 tons. demand. Of course, the materials to be dried of the two dryers should not be too sticky, and the wall of the non-sticking cylinder shall prevail. At present, the dryers on the market probably have a single cylinder dryer, a three-pass dryer (a short three-cylinder dryer), and a long three-cylinder dryer. If necessary, you can bring materials to visit the test machine on site.

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